Tips on Testing in Rails

Factory Girl

  • You can easily get test objects by defining the a factory for that object.

  • If you have the Factory Girl gem installed, a factory file will automatically be created when you generate a new model.

  • Use the Faker gem in your factory to produce random data.

  • You can nest factories with different names to create more specified data. Any attribute you specify in a nested factory will overwrite attributes the factory that encloses it.

  • You can have direct access to the build and create methods (rather than needing to call by putting the line config.include FactoryGirl::Syntax::Methods inside the config block of your RailsHelper file.


  • You can see what page your test is looking at by inserting the line save\_and\_open\_page in your tests.

    • NOTE: You need the launchy gem installed for this to work.